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How do I add a BookFresh button to my Gmail signature?

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2013 10:56AM PDT
Adding a BookFresh button to your email signature is easy.

1) Log into your BookFresh account and go to the Promote section.

2) Select Get a Link or Buttons.

3) Select the text box next to the button you want to use. The code in the box will be selected automatically. Copy the text either using the keyboard shortcut or the Copy command under the Edit menu for your browser.

4) Go to your email program and select the Settings or Options to get to your signature settings. (we will be using Gmail in our example but this should work similarly for most email programs)

5) Paste the code into the signature text box.

6) Copy the code between the red lines (do not include the quotes). It should look like this:
It may not match exactly if you chose another button.

7) Select the "Insert Image" icon and paste the code for the image into the Image URL box (if the URL is correct you'll see the button appear in the box below) then select OK. The button will appear in the box near the code.

8) Copy the code between the green lines (shown after Step 5). It should look similar to this:
It won't have the x's but will have your business unique BookFresh id.

9) Select all of the code you pasted into the box and delete it. You won't need it now. Do not delete the button.

10) Select the button by double clicking to the right of it and then select the Link icon. Make sure the button is highlighted and no text shows below it.

11) Paste the code from Step 8 into the text box ("To what URL should this link go?"). The "Text to display" box should stay empty. If the "Text to display" box shows a URL you don't have the button selected properly.

12) Select OK. Text showing the URL should now appear below the button.

13) Select Save Changes at the bottom of the Settings window.

14) Send a test email to verify that the button works properly.

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