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How do I set my availability in BookFresh?

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2013 01:21PM PDT
BookFresh provides 3 ways to offer available time for booking appointments:

1) General Business Hours

You set your "General Business Hours" under "Home"-->"Your Business"-->"Business Info" . These are the open hours for your business. If you have more than just yourself as staff you will need to change each staff member's hours separately. You can use the pulldown menu, "Show" to choose a staff member or follow the instructions in step 2.


2) Set Staff Hours

You can set individual hours for each staff member. You need to have at least one additional staff member to set individual hours for staff. You can edit the hours under the staff member profile at "Account"-->"Your Business"-->"Staff" 


3) Add Open Hours for Scheduling Outside Normal Business Hours

You can now add "Open" times outside your normal business hours. These times will be available to for your clients to book appointments. As the business owner, you do not need to set this for you to book outside your business hours. 

Here's how to set the "Open" time:

1) Go to "Calendar". You will see the month view.

2) Click on a date

3) Drag to create an appointment in the appropriate staff calendar (if you have more than one staff). This will open a window titled "What would you like to do?"
4) Select  "Add a calendar event"

5) In the window that opens verify that the times you would like to be available are correct and that you have the proper staff member selected (if you have more than one staff). 

6) Click on 'Show my time as "Open"' under "Public Status". Please note that "Busy" will block your calendar time and "Transparent" is for reminders that you want to appear on your calendar but don't want to affect your availability.

7) If this is a regular occurrence you can use "Repeats" to have the available time repeat over a period of time. For more information on how to use repeats please see this article.

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