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Last Updated: Mar 06, 2017 02:25PM PST

What data is exported?

Data is exported for Appointments, Clients and Reviews.

Appointment data contains:

  • The start and end date and time of the appointment (format: MM/DD/YYYY military time)

  • A BookFresh specific ID for the client

  • Location type

  • Paypal ID (if there was one)

  • Notes

  • Client name

  • Client phone

  • Client email

  • Staff member appointment was assigned to

  • Service

  • Status (Accepted, Declined)

  • Location if not at office or phone

  • Was the appointment an all day appointment

Clients data (file named BookFresh Contacts) contains:

  • A BookFresh specific ID number for the client

  • The Client’s first and last name

  • The Client’s email if one was provided

  • The Client’s address information if it was provided

  • The Client’s birthday if one was provided

  • Clent notes

Reviews data contains:

  • Client’s name as entered

  • Email client entered for the review

  • Date of the review

  • Title of the Review

  • Rating

  • Comments


What format is the data exported in?

Data is exported in CSV format. That stands for comma separated values. This means that if you look at the raw file it will be formatted like this: info1,info2, info3,etc


How do I view my exported data?

The best way to view a CSV file is with a spreadsheet program like Excel, Numbers by Apple or Google Docs. CSV files can also be opened with a basic text editor but won’t be as easy to read.


How can I use my exported data?

You can use the exported data to manually transfer appointment, client and reviews information to a new booking tool or some booking tools may allow you to import the CSV file directly into their system. If you’re a U.S. customer of BookFresh you can automatically transfer all of your data to Square Appointments.

Data export can be found here.

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