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How do I set specific hours for a service inside or outside my business hours?

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 11:45AM PST
BookFresh allows you to set specific times for your services. This allows you to offer services at certain times and/or days. This is useful for offering your services outside of your existing business hours or only on particular days. It is not necessary to enable this option if you don't want to offer services on specific times and/or days.

To set your services to be available at a specific time or day you go to "My Business"-->"My Business"-->"Services" and "Edit" your "Services". Chose the service you'd like to set to specific times/days and click "Edit" next to that service.

Check the box "Enable Specific Hours for this Service". This will allow you to set specific hours and days for your service to be available.

The default will be based on your business hours. You can set availability for the particular service that is outside your normal business hours or your staff's available hours.

If you set hours or days that are outside the hours set for the staff assigned to the service you will get a warning. (see the important note below)

This is a warning to inform you that you are setting a time and/or day that is outside the normal availability of the assigned staff members. Just click "OK" to  dismiss the dialog box. This will make the staff assigned to the service available for this service at the times and/or days you set.

Please note that if you open up hours that are outside your staff members' hours it will make your staff available on those days/times. 

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