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How do I create a widget for a single staff member?

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 11:44AM PST
This article describes how to create a widget that shows a single staff member's services and availability. To offer the widget rather than just a link requires some basic knowledge of HTML.

You will need to generate a link for a single service/staff combination:

1) Log into BookFresh and go to

2) To the right of the Large Widget is the option to offer a single service/staff combination.

3) Choose any service from the left pulldown menu (the service won't matter) and the staff member you want the widget to display from the right pulldown menu.

4) Copy the code from the box and paste it into a text editor (like "Text Edit" on the Mac or "Notes" on Windows).

5) Click the "Use This Widget" button and copy the code from the box that pops up.

6) Paste the code into the text editor below the staff/service code.

Number 1 above is the code from the service/staff combination and number 2 is the code you get when you click the "Use This Widget" button.

7) Copy the highlighted code from number 1 above. It starts with the quote (") and ends with the quote. Make sure you include the quotes. The red code will be removed in step 9.

8) Highlight the code in number 2 between the quotes (including the quotes) and paste the code from number 1 to replace the highlighted code in number 2.

9) Highlight the code that is shown in red in 1 (from "sub_service_id=" to the end of the id and the "&" symbol before "staff_user_id" - leave "staff_user_id") and delete it.

What is left should look like "" - the id's will be different.

10) Copy the complete code from number 2 from the "<!-- Start BookFresh Embed code" to "End BookFresh Embed code -->" and paste it into your webpage's HTML code where you want the widget to appear.

This will provide a widget that only shows one staff member's services and availability.

For more information on displaying a single service or service/staff combination as a link or a widget please see this article.

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