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How does "Transition" or "Travel" time work?

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 11:43AM PST
Transition and Travel time can be added to appointments to automatically. Transition time is added to the end of all appointments scheduled. This is used when you need some time between appointments or when you are traveling to or from your customer's location.

Trave time is added to the beginning and end of any appointments that are scheduled at your client's location. This is used to provide time to travel between appointments that are outside of your location.

To add Transition or Travel time go to "Scheduling Aids" at "My Business"-->"Settings"-->"Hours and Scheduling" and edit "Transition time between appointments" or "Travel time between appointments" depending on your need.

After you set Transition or Travel time it will be added to all appointments made on your BookFresh calendar. You will not see Transition or Travel time reflected on the calendar until an appointment is made. 

Transition time can now be added to individual services. Please see this article for more info.

If you have added Transition and Travel time, both will be added to any appointments made for your client's location.

If you have "Appointments are scheduled" set to "According to service duration" Transition or Travel time may effect when the next available appointment is offered. Please see this article to see how this setting works.

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