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How will I be notified when someone books an appointment?

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 11:42AM PST
The moment someone schedules an appointment with you using BookFresh you will automatically receive an instant email notification from BookFresh notifying you of the appointment. We also notify you by SMS messages and phone calls if you wish.

Go to "My Business"-->"My Business"-->"Staff" to edit you or your staff's notification settings.

1) Click "Edit"

2) Click "Edit" next to the staff member you want to change the settings for.

3) Edit "Staff Member Notifications" on that page.

BookFresh allows you to accept or deny your customers appointment requests so you'll always be in control of your schedule. The business owner will receive all appointment requests unless you opt for staff logins which will allow your staff members to accept or decline any appointments made with them. 

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