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How do I sync my BookFresh calendar with an outside calendar?

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 11:42AM PST
BookFresh can be synced with Google calendar, local iCal calendars or Outlook. To sync your BookFresh calendar with one of these do the following:

1) Go to "My Business"-->"Settings"-->"Hours and Scheduling"

2) On that page select "Edit" under "Integrate Calendars"

3) Select whether you want to sync to (import) or from (export) your BookFresh calendar and the calendar you want to sync with (Google, iCal or Outlook)

4) Follow the directions listed.

Please note that events imported to BookFresh from an external calendar and items exported to an external calendar are not editable in the calendar they are imported into. So if you export your BookFresh calendar to a Google calendar you cannot edit the imported events in the Google calendar. Likewise you cannot add appointments to the BookFresh calendar that was imported into your Google calendar.

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