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How do my clients cancel or reschedule appointments?

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 11:42AM PST
BookFresh provides your clients with a link that allows them to reschedule or cancel an appointment. This link is provided in the notification email that goes to your clients. This link is only good for the appointment that is listed in that notification. This option is enabled automatically. If you'd like to change this you can go to "My Business"-->"Settings"-->"Managing Appointments". Just edit "Appointment Preferences" and set "Client Rescheduling" to "Off".

When you clients click the link in the email they are taken to a browser window that gives them these options:

Rescehdule or cancel window

Your clients can reschedule the appointment, cancel the appointment or schedule an additional appointment using this interface. Please remember that rescheduling or canceling only works for the appointment that's connected to the email notification.

If you have PayPal activated and your clients have paid, you will need to refund them through PayPal for any canceled appointment. If you have PayPal set to be required you will need to refund your client for rescheduled appointments as BookFresh will require them to pay for the rescheduled appointment they are making.

If you make a single appointment for your client the reschedule or cancel link will be available but if you make a series of appointments your clients will not be provided with the link and will need to contact you to change or cancel that series of appointments.

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