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How do I use the Class Scheduling feature?

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 11:41AM PST
BookFresh now offers the ability to create special services for classes, workshops, seminars and events. This feature is called ‘Class Scheduling’. Services created this way will allow you to offer one time class appointments with a limit on the number of people who can enroll in the class.

‚Äč1. To get started just click on "Classes" in top menu bar.
2. Then select "Click here to create a new class".

3. Fill out the information for the class:
  • a The name of the class
  • b The Description of the class
  • c Assign a staff member to the class
  • d Provide a cost for the class. The cost must have a number - 0 is allowed.
  • e Add a length of time for the class. 
  • f You can change "Minutes" to "Hours" using this pulldown.
  • g If you select this option the class will not appear in your booking widget. You will need to send the "Booking URL" to your clients if you want them to book online.

4. Click "Save & Setup class dates / times". You have created the class. In the next steps you will create an offering of that class.

5. Pick a date for your class or the first class if it will be offered regularly.

6. You can pick "One time event" or select "Recurring event" to set the class to repeat on a regular basis. This works the same way as setting repeating events on the calendar. Recurring events still need to be booked individually by your clients.

7. Add the "Attendees Allowed". This will limit the number of openings available for your clients to book online. The business owner can book beyond this number if they want to.

8. When you click "Save & Finish" your class offering will be create and you will be taken to the next window. This will show you a list of offerings for the class you're editing.

"Actions" allows you to:
  1. "Edit / Add attendees" - allows you to edit the individual offering and add attendees to the class.
  2. "Booking URL"  - provides a URL that can be used to give direct access to a booking widget for that class.
  3. "Delete" - this will delete the offering of the class. If there are attendees and a class is deleted you will be given the option to notify your clients. 
  4. "Print attendees" - This displays a class list that can be printed. If you'd just like to see the class list and not print it, simply dismiss the print dialog by clicking "Cancel".

To add a client to the class just click the "Edit / Add attendees" and then click the "Add attendee" button. Enter your client's info in the form.

If you click "Edit / Add attendees" you will be taken to a window that will show you specific information about the class offering. You can edit the class information and add or delete an attendee.

When your client selects your class from your list of services or if you use the "Booking URL" to offer the class they will be taken directly to the first available offering of the class. The widget will show the date, time and available slots for the class.

This feature is offered free for the first class with a charge of $4.95US per month if you'd like to offer more than one class. More specifically, there is no charge for one class offered as frequently as you wish with unlimited attendees assigned to one staff member. If you'd like to offer several different classes or classes with different staff members you can choose to add the unlimited class scheduling plan for an additional $4.95US per month.

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