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How do I upgrade from a "Freebie" account to a "Business" or a "Team" account?

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 11:41AM PST
This article explains how to upgrade your BookFresh account. These steps can be used to upgrade from "Freebie" to "Business" or "Team" or from "Business" to "Team".

The "Freebie" account in BookFresh is limited to 3 online bookings per month, 3 services and 1 staff. If your business has outgrown the "Freebie" account, upgrading is easy. Please do the following:

1) Go to "My Business"-->"Settings"-->"Account Info"

2) On that page go to "Account Type"

3) Select "Edit" under "Account Type"

4) Select the "Business" or "Team" account type and enter your billing information, if requested

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