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How do I create a repeating event on the new BookFresh calendar?

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2014 10:21AM PST
You can set events or appointments to repeat daily, weekly, every X weeks, monthly or every X months.

Here are the steps to creating repeats for events or appointments on your BookFresh calendar:
1) Go to "Calendar". You will see the month view
2) Click on a date
3) Drag to create an appointment in the appropriate staff calendar (if you have more than one staff). This will open an appointment creation window
4) Select either "Event" or "Reservation"

5) Title the event or add the clients name and other info. 
6) Verify that the times are correct. If they aren't change them by using the time selector or typing the correct time in the field
7) Click "Add Repeats" on the right-hand side of the window. This will open a small window.

8) Select the type of repeating event you'd like; "Every Day", "Every Week", "Every Month", "Every Year"

a)  If you select "Every Day" either enter the amount of days you want it to repeat for ("after") or which date you want the repeat to end on (a calendar will appear in the blank area once you click on it after selecting in the pulldown menu)

b) If you select "Every Week" under "Add a calendar event" or "Schedule a client" you can enter how often you want it to repeat under "Repeat Every X Week(s)". If you enter "1" the event will repeat every week, if you enter "4" it will repeat every 4 weeks, etc. Then set "ending" to either "after X time(s)" or "on".
c) If you select "Every Month", in addition to creating an event or appointment that repeats on a specific date each month ("every"), you will have the option to have your event or client appointment repeat on a certain day or days of a certain week or weeks of the month ("on the"). As an example, you could create a repeat on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month or  a repeat on the 3rd Wednesday and Friday of each month. Then set "ending" to either "after" a particular number of times or "on" a specific date.

Example: If you want an event to repeat ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week you would choose "1st", "2nd", "3rd", "4th" and "5th" and "Mon", "Wed" and "Fri" and then select when you want the repeat to end.


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